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I know that there are at least two spellings different from the original URWYLER. The two Americanized versions are URWILLER and URWILER. This is everything I have of our origins in Switzerland. We don't have all the dates and places. As you can see, I'm missing quite a bit of information. I have written some URWILER's and they had been told by their family that their name was once spelled URWYLER. However, they have lost most of their family history. I need to find out the missing links between the three surnames URWYLER, URWILLER, and URWILER.

2. Hans Urwyler married Verena LERCH
3. Jakob Urwyler 1713- married Maria MATTER
4. Johann Jakob Urwyler 1750-1836 married Ursula MAHLETHALER 1787-
5. Jakob Urwyler, born 15 February 1778 in Switzerland; married 22 July 1803; died January 4, 1825. He married Elisabeth WIDMER born 17 October 1779.
6a. Jakob Urwyler, born 4 July 1809 at Brittnau, Switzerland; married 22 October 1830, died at Sodtown, Nebraska U.S.A. 23 December 1891; married Elisabeth LERCH; born 25 September 1810 at Brittnau, Switzerland; died at Sodtown, Nebraska, 19 June 1884
7a. Samuel URWILLER born 28 July 1843 at Brittnau, Switerland - Married in Marshall, Michigan, U.S - Died in Sodtown, NE, U.S. 14 February 1935; married Elizabeth HAZELTON; married Emma VOUTH BLUSS.
8a. Fredrick Thomas Urwiller, born 23 October 1870 at Marshall Michigan; married 24 January 1891 at Nebraska City, Nebraska, died 5 April 1937 at Sodtown, Nebraska; married Harriet E. George
8b. Louis Jacob Urwiller, born 10 March 1869 at Detroit, Michigan; died 7 February 1876.
8c. Charles Samuel Urwiller, born 21 April 1874 at Marshall, Michigan; died 10 November 1947; married Elizabeth HANOVER.
8d. Elizabeth M. Urwiller, born 2 February 1877 at Marshall, Michigan; died 12 December 1968; married Jacob RICHARDSON.
8e. Jessie Louis Urwiller, born 27 December 1879 in Buffalo County, Nebraska; died 3 November 1950; married Albion GEORGE.
7b. Jacob Urwiller, born 8 February 1840 at Brittnau, Switzerland; married 17 April 1866 at Marshall, Michigan; died at Sodtown, Nebraska 7 January 1927; married Rosina STUBER.
7c. Friedrich Urwiller, born 24 May 1849 at Brittanu, Switzerland; married 1 January 1873 at Marshall, Michigan; died at Sodtown, Nebraska 17 July 1927; married Navada PAUL.
7d. Jakob Urwiller, born 27 May 1831 at Brittnau, Switzerland; died 31 December 1832.
7e. Jakob Urwiller, born 7 January 1833 at Brittnau, Switzerland; died 14 August 1837.
7f. Elisabeth Urwiller, born 14 January 1838 at Brittnau, Switzerland; died 31 August 1838.
7g. Samuel Urwiller, born 4 June 1835 at Brittnau, Switzerland; died 27 July 1844.
6b. Johann Jakob Urwyler, born 22 January 1804; died 23 April 1880.
6c. Elisabeth Urwyler, born 7 May 1815.
6d. Anna Barbara Urwyler, born 1 November 1820.

It would appear that the generation to first come to America was generation 6 - Jakob & Elisabeth (Lerch) Urwyler. That is also the generation where the change in surname spelling occurred (probably to Americanize it.) #7 Samuel Urwiller is my great-great-great-grandfather. I'm generation #12. I do appreciate any and all help anyone can provide.


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