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Tschillar / Tschilar / Tschill


Ancienne famille suisse originaire du canton de Berne. Bourgeoise de Gampelen.



Répartition des familles en Suisse (1999)


Familles Tschillar / Tschilar

 armoiries inconnues

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My grandfather, Eugene TSCHILL was born in 1900 at Willer, France. His parents were Joseph TSCHILL and Mary Anna GRAFF . Joseph was born in 1870 and Mary in 1871 and both at Willer, France. Joseph's parents were Joseph TSCHILL and Francoise HELL. Joseph was born in 1831 and Francoise in 1829 at Willer, France. Mary's parents were Johannes GRAFF and Magdalene HASMIST or HARNIST. The last Joseph TSCHILL's parents were Joseph TSCHILL and Anna STAMPFLER probably born in 1805. I visited with some people in France that told me that they thought the TSCHILL name originally came from Switzerland, from a town called Porrentruy and that their name could have been spelled TSCHILLAR or TSCHILAR. I went to Porrentruy, but did not have any luck finding anything out. Have you heard of any of these surnames or have any suggestions on how to do research in Switzerland, I've been told that it is difficult. I did find a TSCHILAR listed in the canton of Bern in Gampelen Switzerland that was there before 1800. Would that be a good lead to follow up on? Thank you for your time and any help you can give me.


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