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Famille Suter





Répartition des familles en Suisse (1999)


Familles Suter


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I am seeking information about the following individuals and their ancestors, siblings and children: SUTER, Kaspar, born 1817, probably in Kanton Aargau (maybe in Aarau or Graenichen) and he was still alive in Switzerland in 1890. He married Susannah, possbily also SUTER maiden name; born ?, died 1856. Thier children (the only ones I know of):
i) Christopher, born 15 August 1845 in Aarau, Aargau; died 25 August 1907 at Sacramento California. He went first to Zuerich and immigrated to Kansas about 1865. He married A.M. Sophia BOLLINGER at St. Louis, Missouri October 1865. He migrated to Sacramento, California February 1876. Two children are Oscar and Ida.
ii) Susannah, born about 1853. Susannah also immigrated to America, date unknown. She died at Sacramento in 1880. She may have married ? TIELMAN. She may have been known as Susan or Annie in Sacramento. Please send me any information you might have.

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I am looking for cousins of Christian SUTER, son of Christian SUTER and Anna ANDRES of Radelfingen or Bargen, Berne, Switzerland. My Christian was born 6 April 1800, he married Anna Maria ZESIGER of Bargen 19 March 1836. They emigrated to America (Illinois) in 1852 on the ship "George Hurlbut", arriving in New York on 5 June 1852. They departed from Le Havre, France. Other Great Grandparents names are ETTER / HEIMBERG / SCHEURER / KANEL.


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