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Familles Scherrer

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I am looking for any information about the family of Friedolin SCHERRER, born 5 January 1847 at Liesberg (at that time in Canton Bern) and married Maria Florentina MšLLER (born 20 October 1847) on 11 June 1872. The family immigrated to the US in 1882 and lived in Cleveland, Ohio from 1885-1887. I have used all censuses, city directory etc. sources, but have not found any reference to them or any members of their family in any State after 1887. I am wondering if the family returned to Switzerland. The children were: Maria Amalia, born 21 January 1873; Friedolin Arnold, born 15 January 1874; Florentina Bertha, born 17 September 1875; Maria Hermina, born 20 May 1877; Joseph Albin, born 9 December 1878; and Lina Louise, born 31 January 1881. I have a copy of the family page from the Bürgerrodel (Buergerrodel / Burgerrodel), but there is no indication if they returned to Switzerland. I would appreciate any information or suggestions on how to research further.


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