Famille Rothlisberger


Ancienne famille suisse priginaire du canton de Berne.



Répartition des familles en Suisse (1999)


Familles Rothlisberger


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I am searching for the ancestors and birth village of Jacob ROTHLISBERGER, probably born 15 September 1848 in Canton Bern. His parents may have been Peter and Barbara ROTHLISBERGER. (I question the correctness of my sources). He is first found in the U.S. in 1885 at Houghton, Michigan. He was a farmer in an area with very few Swiss immigrants. His nearest neighbors though were also Swiss - ZURCHER and WEBER. I have wondered if they were from the same village and/or relatives. We know of no other relatives, either in the U.S. or Switzerland. Jacob died 27 October 1908. Jacob married Anna Theresa MUFF 2 July 1887 at Hancock, Michigan. She was born on 13 April 1859 at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. She died 2 July 1935 at Verona, Michigan. Their children were (Jacob 1888-1888), Emma Caroline (1890-1985), Johann Heinrich (1892-1893), Emma Theresa (1893-1944) and Jacob Frederick (1898-1943). I'm not sure of Jacob's religion in Switzerland. He was married in the German Lutheran Church. Even though the pastor of that same church buried him - from Jacob's house - his burial wasn't recorded in the church records. I wonder if he wasn't really a member and that only because of his wife, that he was married and buried from there. It gets further muddled, when I've discovered that at least some ROTHLISBERGERS in Switzerland were Mennonites and some were Catholics. Furthermore, there is a family story that someone was Jewish. Was it Jacob or was it one of his in-laws, the MUFFS, we don't know. Any information would be appreciated.


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