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Répartition des familles en Suisse (1999)


Familles Messinger / Mossinger


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I am trying to find ancestral information on the Johannes MESSINGER (sometimes found as MOESSINGER / MÖSSINGER / MOSSINGER) family which emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1732 from Basel, Switzerland on the ship "Pink Johnson". Family members included Johannes MESSINGER (father), Elizabeth MESSINGER (mother), Michale MESSINGER (son), Paule MESSINGER (son), Jacob MESSINGER (son), and Maria MESSINGER (daughter). All we know (?) is that he (or his ancestors) came from Prussia "where they lived along the Rhine." They may have been members of the German Reformed Church. I can find no leads on their life (including marriage or births) in Basel nor in Prussia. Anyone have any ideas on where to really begin this search?? Any suggestions welcome.


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