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Familles Meister


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(Evangelist Reformed Church, now Belvedere United Church of Christ)

I am searching for any information on the family and ancestors of Christian Wilhelm MEISTER and Anna Margrita WENKER. Christian and Anna were married 14 August 1830. Three known children of this marriage were Maria born 2 October 1831; David Jacob, born 16 September 1833 and Elisabeth, born 6 April 1835. The children were all born at Gampelen, Canton Berne, Switzerland. I believe Christian's father's name to be Gabriel MEISTER. David Jacob MASTER (MEISTER), born 14 September 1834 at Bern, Switzerland and wife, Magdalena WIRTH, born 1830, daughter of Peter WIRTH. David and Magdalena married 2 May 1851 and immigrated to America in 1852. Their children were all born in the US and were: Cecilia, born 29 July 1852 in Pennsylvania; John Jacob, born in 1856; Emiline, born in 1858; Henrietta, born 24 August 1860 in Ohio; Mary Alice, born 14 August 1862 in Ohio; Malinda Jane, born 14 November 1864 in Ohio and William Henry, born 28 March 1867 in Ohio. David's second wife, Barbara KURT (KEERT), born 1 January 1851, immigrated to America in 1851. They married in 1869-1870 after the death of Magdalena. Their children were Joseph, born 1 February 1879 in Ohio; Lucy, born 26 December 1871 in Ohio; Amanda, born 1876 in Tennessee; Simon Harvey, born 3 May 1878 in Tennessee; Annie Elizabeth, born 5 June 1880 in Tennessee; Walter Lee, born 29 July 1882 in Tennessee; Florence, born 13 December 1884 in Tennessee; Hetty, born 11 August 1887; Mary, born 16 March 1891. I have no information on these family members, parents, siblings, etc. Thanks for any information.


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