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Due to some historical research at the University of Berne (Switzerland) I came to the family of Hermann. I found data from the Middle Ages (15th century) until 1766. In order to continue the family history up to now, I'm searching for persons living today, who are probably related to this family. Some indications: Hans Frantz Hermann, born 02.04.1712, married on 22.04.1737 Maria Elisbeht Scheürer (they divorced), married 1754 Elisabeht Furer. He was silk factory owner (1750 factory at Fribourg CH), later became successor of his father in a store at Berne CH. Children: Johann Emanuel Hermann (born 26.12.1754), Johan Rodolff Hermann (born 08.11.1456), Johann Samuel (born 1766). In the 17th century some Hermann were in dutch services, for exemple Hartmann Hermann (1650-1678). Thank you for help and hints by e-mail or by this newsgroup Lukas Wenger Langenthal wengerl@dial.eunet.ch oder +41 79 332 78 34





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