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I have information of my great grandfather, Karl Hans VON HAUSER (the American name HAUSER was changed in my family line to HOUSER) who was supposedly born in Canton of Zurich, Switzerland in 1655. He supposedly left for London around the early 1700's. In 1707 it is said that he immigrated to America on the ship "Isle of Wright" and he shows up on the tax records at Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I Emailed the state archives in Zurich and got a letter back that said the information I have sounds too far fetched. That a man of title "von" would not immigrate to the United States. All the information I have is from the Internet and I have no documentation. He married a HULDRICHA, which the archives stated this name has never been in use and is not in use currently. I don't know what to believe. Of the family tree I got from the Internet I know for a fact that back 5 generations is correct because all 5 are buried 10 miles from my home town including my father. The last known correct ancestor was Alexander HOUSER born 1820 at Washington, Tennessee. He died in Appanoose County, Iowa. That is fact. Any help would be appreciated.

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