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Répartition des familles en Suisse (1999)




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My great-Grandmother Mary FARON was born 17 January 1874 in Mount Eaton, Wayne County Ohio and adopted in May 1874. Her adopted name became Inez YODER. Inez had a natural sister, Amie Adelie FARON, who was born in Switzerland on 6 April 1866. For some reason, Amie (known as Adelie) was sent back to Switzerland. Exactly when is not known but this occurred at a young age. Adelie married Jules Edouard JEANRENAUD and had three known children: one child died before 1923; Lina Aliette was born 12 August 1888 in Tavannes, Canton of Berne Switzerland and married Alphonse SPAHN; Germaine married a man with the first name Robert (surname unknown). I would like to locate the descendants of my Great-Grandmother's sister.


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