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JANSON, Frank E.
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Looking for birthplace and ancestors of Johanna ESSIG, born 31 May 1813 in Canton Aargau. Johanna emmigratred to Germany, then to America. She arrived in New Orleans from Havre on 25 Nov 1836. On the ship's roster, she is listed as from "Baden" but is within a group of "Swiss" origin passengers named STROH, STENGEL, KAISER, PERRIER, MEYER, LEBER, BAHR, BAUMGARTNER, etc. (These people could be relatives or former neighbors.) Johanna ESSIG married Johann WEILBACHER (from Hochheim, Hesse Nassau, Germany) in St. Clair County Illinois on 7 Sep 1837.

ESSICK, Martin and Mae
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I have an LDS microfilm that says "Andreas ESSICK / ESSIG was a Swiss. He had two sons who went to Werttemburg, Germany ..." It would appear that one son was Rudolph ESSIG born about 1673 who emigrated to America, arriving at Philadelphia 16 Sep 1736 with two sons -- Georg Abraham ESSIG, born about 1696 and Hans Michael ESSIG, born about 1706. I want to know more about this Andreas ESSICK / ESSIG and his family. I have Rudolph's descendants to the present and would be glad to exchange info with anyone who can provide info on Andreas.


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