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My great great grandfather was Hans Georg EHRAT, born 27 June 1819 at Lohn, Switzerland, the son of Johannes and Barbara (RUHLIE) EHRAT. He first married Maria Elisabetha RUHLIE on 20 November 1845. She was born 4 October 1818. She died shortly afterward (3 October 1847). There were no known children. He then married for a second time to a Katherina SCHLATTER, born at Buttenhardt, Switzerland, on 1 December 1827. They were married 15 March 1849. All twelve of their children were born in Lohn, Switzerland between the years of 1850 and 1868. (Three of them died young and were buried in Switzerland). Hans Georg EHRAT was a part owner/operator of a Tile and Brick Factory located in the village of Lohn. The other partners in this business arrangement were Jacob SCHLATTER and Michael BUHRER. This Hans Georg EHRAT family were active members of the only church in Lohn. Their children were baptized there and their older children were confirmed there by Pastor Alexander Beck. This Hans Georg EHRAT family left their Swiss homeland 13 March 1871 to eimmigrate to America. Their youngest son, three year old Christian EHRAT, was left behind in the care of Pastor Beck and his wife. Christian rejoined his family in America when he was eleven years of age. This EHRAT family settled on an 80 acre farm in Fayette county, Illinois, near Vandalia, and they were faithful members of the Lutheran Church.


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