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Répartition des familles en Suisse (1999)




TRENDEL, Raymond
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I am searching the families THROENLIN and ECKHLAUER who stayed in Switzerland, probably not far from the Rhine river, during the French occupation in the South of the Black Forest at the beginning of the 17th century. Ulrich Throenlin and Ursula Eckhlauerin are born on the Swiss side of the Rhine between 1630 and 1650. Their parents probably came from the Hauensteinerland in the South of the Black Forest.

I am looking for someone who knows the history of the Hauensteinerland and the other side of the Rhine especially in the 17th century. I would like to know more about the Swiss villages (Leibstadt, Wil, Sansingen, Sulz, Laufenburg, etc....) where some refugees of the Black-Forest have stayed for a short time in the beginning of the 17th century.


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