Famille Catloth/Cathlothe


Ancienne famille suisse originaire du canton des Grisons.



Répartition des familles en Suisse (1999)


Familles Catloth / Cathlothe


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(Roman Catholic, Methodist)

John Joseph CATLOTH (CATLOTHE) was born at Poschiavo, Switzerland 11 November 1866. He immigrated to the United States and married Marie MATHEY around 1893. He lived at Washington D.C. and died in Maryland or at Washington D.C. 14 June 1947. Marie MATHEY was born 8 May 1873 in either Bordeau, France or La Chaux du Fond, Switzerland. She immigrated to the United States around 1881. They had 10 children: Marguerite Virginia CATLOTH, born 14 March 1894 and died 25 July 1974; Madeleine Columbia CATLOTH, born 7 June 1895 and died 4 February 1973; John Joseph CATLOTH, Jr. born 26 February 1897 and died 25 November 1964; Frank CATLOTH, born 27 April 1900 and died 13 July 1900; Rosie Pauline CATLOTH, born 3 March 1902 and died 13 March 1978; Paul Peter CATLOTH, born 8 May 1906 and died 9 September 1983; Elizabeth Victoria CATLOTH, born 13 November 1910 and died 19 June 1982; Jeanette Lois CATLOTH, born 9 December 1914 and died 22 November 1958; Catherine Marie CATLOTH, born 5 April; Anna Catherine CATLOTH; born 9 September 1903 and died 11 September 1984. All the children were born at home at Washington D.C. Marie MATHEY had four brothers: Albert and Henry lived at Geneva, Switzerland; Paul lived at Scottsdale, Arizona and Renee lived at Geneva, Switzerland. Any information would be appreciated.


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