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Répartition des familles en Suisse (1999)



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My other Swiss great great grandfather was Johannes BUHRER / BUEHRER. He was born 3 May 1825 at Altorf, Switzerland. In the year of 1845 he married Maria M. METZGER, who was also from Altorf. She was born 24 May 1824. They had five children who were all born in Switzerland. One son (Johannes BUHRER), died young, and was buried in Switzerland. This BUHRER couple immigrated to America with their four daughters (via New York), in either 1881 or 1883. They also settled on a farm in Fayette county, Illinois, and they were members of the Lutheran faith. My other Swiss ancestor was Johann METZGER brother of Maria who married Johannes BUHRER. He was born in 1821, and he married Maria Magdalena STIEL, who was born 14 May 1820. They had a total of twelve children, and this family departed for America on May 20, 1863, immigrating aboard a ship named "Goshen." They first landed at New York City, and later arrived at Chicago by train on 4 July 1863. They also settled on a farm in Fayette county, Illinois, and they were active members of the Lutheran Church. These BUHRER'S, EHRAT'S & SCHLATTER'S who settled in Fayette county, Illinois, had relatives, (that came from the same Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen), who settled in Fulton County, Ohio. However, the exact relationship has not yet been determined.


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