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DAVIS, Everett L.
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I am at a crossroads in researching from Switzerland to the United States that I have little information regarding. I have 15 generations of descendants yet no Swiss linkage beforehand. All I have been able to discern is that Ulrich BUHLER came to the United States, was born about 1710 in Switzerland and died after 1778 in the U.S. Apparently surnname spellings changed as all descendants are named BEELER not BUHLER. His wife was Mary Elizabeth UNKNOWN. Their children were: 1) Unknown BEELER; 2) Martha BEELER; 3) George BEELER; 4) Ulrich BEELER; 5) John Valentine BEELER and 6) Joseph BEELER. I am the son of Waldean BEELER. I realize it is very little to begin with, but just perhaps there is someone researching a lost Ulrich BUHLER that would like a connection. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Webmaster Note: Your posting gives no indication if your research for family genealogy you has included the submittal of your collection to the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City (No listing for you in the FHLC) or if you have availed yourself of its resources using your nearest Family History Center (FHC). Your surname search should also include the Buehler and Bühler surname spellings and perhaps others. The latest (August 1996) edition of the FHL Calalog (FHLC) shows 20 citations for BUHLER genealogy with Zurich, St. Gallen and Tschappina connections. There are also 30 BUEHLER listings with a few lines that go back to 1586 in Rietheim (Canton Aargau), 1570 in Schwellbrunn (Canton Canton Appenzell and elsewher in Canton Sankt Gallen) and 1605 in Sigriswil (Canton Bern).

While not giving up on U.S. sources, perhaps it is time to start reviewing Swiss genealogies of the principal possible spellings of your surname in Switzerland, looking for the given name Ulrich in general and your Ulrich in particular. You might also check the 3 volume "Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz" for locations in Switzerland where you family name appeared prior to 1710.


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