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Famille Bost


Ancienne famille suisse originaire du canton de Geneve.

The following book is a MUST for you to read if you descend from this BOST family!! It is a compilation of Theodore & Sophie (Bonjour) BOST's letters to their family back in Switzerland in the mid 1800s - to about the late 1880s!

Theodore BOST was the son of Ami BOST, a leading figure in the great wave of evangelical piety called the Awakening. Ami Bost was a powerful preacher, an influential theologian, a gifted composer of scared music and the translator of John Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress" into French. Ami also set music to 14 short poems that Bunyan included in his text. Ami's son, Theodore (and the subject of the below book) heard his father's hymn's and cantatas sung in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ami's wife was named Jenny.

The book is titled: "A Frontier Family in Minnesota, Letters of Theodore and Sophie BOST, 1851-1920", translated and edited by: BOWEN, Ralph H. (University of Minnesota Press : Minneapolis, 1981)

I read this book for background history knowledge. My family were also pioneers in Minn., not far from where Sophie and Theodore BOST lived.

It is a WONDERFUL book of letters. You learn about Theodore and Sophie great deal - about early pioneer living; how tough it was physically, financially and more. Sophie and Theodore write delightful letters and when you are done reading the book, you feel as if you always knew them. They discuss pioneer life, their thoughts about America, the births of their children, write about each other, the American Civil War, politics, about people that they befriended and more.

If you descend from this family, it is a TREASURE Trough full of information and there are some wonderful footnotes and source citations.

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