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Répartition des familles en Suisse (1999)


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I am looking for information on Christian BALMER, christened 12 October 1794 at Gsteig, Interlaken, Bern, Switzerland. He married Margaritha STERCHI in January 1830 and they had five children, Christian BALMER (my grandfather), born 28 July 1830, christened 22 September 1830; Margaretha BALMER, born 8 June l832, married Mr. VON ALMEN; Johan Friedrich, born 24 January 1834; Johannes, 5 January 1836, died 10 Jan 1836; and Peter BALMER, born 31 January 1839. Christian's parents were Christian BALMER, born 2 April 1755, died 1824, and Elisabeth STERCHI, born 5 March 1767, died 28 June 1841. Christian's siblings were Margarethe BALMER, born 9 October 1791; Johannes BALMER; and Barbara BALMER, born October 1804. I am especially interested if Christian BALMER (born in 1794) immigrated to the United States. Also, I am interested if there are any living relatives of these ancestors. Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.


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