Famille Von Achen


Ancienne famille suisse originaire du canton de . Bourgeoise des communes de

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Famille von Achen

armoiries inconnues

Répartition des familles en Suisse (1999)

On estime à environ foyers installés en Suisse dont [x] dans le canton de Neuchâtel, [x] dans le canton de Vaud, [x] dans le canton de Genève, [x] dans le canton de Bâle-Campagne, [x] dans le canton de Bâle-Ville, [x] dans le canton de Zürich, [x] dans le canton de Berne, [x] dans le canton du Jura et [x] dans le canton de Fribourg.

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I am interested in finding more information about an ancestor Francis Joseph VON ACHEN. He married Eve Rosini FUHRMANN. There were apparently nine children born of this mariage, eight of whom were born in Alsace Lorraine: Elizabeth VONACHEN, born about 1785; Madeline VONACHEN, born about 1786; Marguerite VONACHEN, born about 1790; Francis Joseph VONACHEN, born about 1792; Ann Marie VONACHEN, born about 1794; Antonius VONACHEN, born about 1796; Louis VONACHEN, born about 1797; and Jean VONACHEN, born about 1801. The ninth child of this marriage was Christened at Hagenbach (Bayern, Pfalz). Her name was Francisca VON ACHEN. The date of the christening was 17 October 1801. Francis Joseph was a shepherd and seems to have moved quite a bit. His grandson, Johann VON ACHEN (my great-grandfather) was born at Niederroedern, Bas Rhin, Alsace, France in 1826. He married Anne Marie GALLE in January 1853, they immigrated to the USA in 1853 and settled in New York. I am working my way back in time and need to try to establish the parents and place of birth for Francis Joseph VON ACHEN. I am trying to find any information at all on this family.


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