Famille Accola


Ancienne famille suisse originaire des Grisons. Bourgeoise de Davos, de Bettwel (1951) et de La Chaux de Fonds (1888 Davos).


- Bernhard Accola émigra en Australie en janvier 1859 à bord du navire Ben Nevis.

Répartition des familles en Suisse (1999)

On estime à environ 73 foyers Accola installées en Suisse dont 42 dans le canton des Grisons et 13 dans le canton de Zürich.


Un ouvrage écrit par Hans Accola-Ruezz en 1962 raconte l'histoire de la famille Accola de Davos: "Ueber den Familiennamen Accola (von Davos)" in der Schweizerischen Landesbibliothek.


Familles Accola




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Bernhard (Bernard) ACCOLA is believed to have been born in Switzerland in 1833 or 1834. He immigrated to Australia in January 1859 aboard the ship "Ben Nevis". He married Mary Jane MATER / MATEE / MATTEER at Deniliquin NSW (New South Wales), Australia in 1866. His wife's name is variously spelled - we think "MATEER" may be correct and that she was of Irish extraction and was born at Melbourne, Australia in 1841. Bernard and Mary Jane had six children, all born in south central NSW: Male (name unknown), 1867 at Deniliquin; Bernard, 1868 at Deniliquin; Thomas, 1870 at Deniliquin; Peter, 1875 at Wagga; Christina, 1877 at Wagga; and James, 1880 at Narrandera. Peter is my wife's grandfather. Bernard (the elder) died at Narrandera in 1917 at age 84.


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